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I will explain all the steps to prepare new generation sales counselors, to prepare for the LEAD (customer candidate) calls, plan the interview in advance and as a result of more appointments.

Customers use the internet, the vehicle to look and buy more than ever. This behavior change makes phone calls more important. Now customer candidates use their phones more frequently than to visit the dealership to ask questions about the vehicle.

If you remember, I said that in the previous article on “1 click on 1 click”, the quick return in the correct management of the leads from the Internet will not be sufficiently enough. Because the quality of the conversation, content and follow-up continuity also affects the result of the process as critical issues as a rapid return.

Here, I can say that the experience of which customers live during the interview is that the customer can visit your dealership or hang up on the next dealer in Google and the next Dealer in Google’s search of the next dealer in Google.

Here will I tell you how to create your phone call that is one of the first critical moments to create excellent customer experiences in this last article and to set more appointments on you.

The first impression of the phone call to be held with a lead (customer candidate) is the most important moment. After all, the customer candidate closing the phone is much easier than leaving the dealership. Therefore, you have to start an appointment and start each sales interview to a new customer, a plan you will before.

I will explain all the steps to prepare for new generation sales consultants, to prepare for LEAD searches, plan the interview in advance and make more appointments as a result.

The goal of each LEAD search is to set an appointment rather than selling a vehicle. Trying to perform the sale first may cause the entire process to be wasted. Instead, focus on customer needs and how to meet these needs. Customer candidates give you a reason to visit your dealership, the possibility of making this purchase is very high.

Sit upright before phoning, take a deep breath and smile. When you smile, your voice comes out in a clearer, friendly and confident way. These features will help you create an excellent first impression on the customer island. Also, prepare your entry talk. Start each call by specifying your full name, dealership name and department name by saying “Thanks for you to contact us”. Never neglect to address the name with your name.

Prepare to get topple. Know where you can access the information in order to answer the questions quickly and in full. In the first interview, re-review the information on your website, including frequent changing vehicle properties and campaigns, and have it in your hand.

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