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At the end of 2017, only around 7,000 prostitutes were validly registered with the authorities nationwide and 1,350 prostitution trades were permitted. [47]

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 40,400 people in Germany were registered in the prostitution industry at the end of 2019. 19% of the prostitutes had German citizenship (7700), 35% Romanian, 11% Bulgarian and 8% Hungarian. Of the registered prostitutes, 78% were between 21 and 44 years old, 17% were 45 years or older, 5% were between the ages of 18 and 20. A total of 2170 prostitution businesses were registered, 93% of them brothels. 140 permits were required for prostitution agencies, vehicles and events. [48]

According to a non-representative survey by the German Ministry of Family Affairs of 110 prostitutes in 2004, the women questioned were three times as likely to be victims of physical violence and five times as likely to be victims of sexual violence as the average female population. [49] The study claims that “after the Prostitution Act came into force in 2002, the very high level of physical, sexual and psychological violence among prostitutes both in the work context and in the private sphere continues to exist and no downward trend is evident”. [50] According to this study, prostitutes also had an increased risk of multiple victimization. They were more likely to suffer serious injuries and seek medical or police assistance less often. [51] The following statistics were collected in the study:

The findings of the study by the Ministry of Family Affairs largely coincide with those of another study from the German-speaking area from 2001 (98% of prostitute women had at least one traumatic experience, most of them several; 70% had experienced physical attacks; 68% had been raped mostly by clients; 59% were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, 50% had experienced abuse as children). [53]

An evaluation of the German Prostitution Act by the Family Ministry in 2007 came to the conclusion that the legalization of prostitution had barely improved the living conditions of prostitutes, if at all. [54]

Parts of this article seem out of date as of 2014.

Please help to research and insert the missing information.

There is clear disagreement in the political and social debate about absolute figures in connection with prostitution as well as the relative extent of criminal structures and the best ways to combat them. [55] However, there is a general consensus among the parties represented in the Bundestag that there is a need for regulation in order to be able to combat crime in the red-light district more effectively and to better protect victims from perpetrators.

A central cause lies in the extent of the unreported areas of sexual exploitation offenses (Sections 180a, 181a, 232 and 233a StGB). The federal government has so far not had any relevant studies or plans. [56] Sabine Constabel, social worker in the department of social services for prostitutes in the city of Stuttgart, claims that prostitution cannot be relegated to the dark field because it is absolutely dependent on advertising. If a client can find prostitutes, so can the police. [57]

In 2008, the then head of the Augsburg Criminal Police, Klaus Bayerl, said that the large brothels that had been created in the years since 2002 are facilities in which the official managing directors are straw people, while the responsible persons who actually act in the background come directly from the pimp or serious criminal milieu and almost always had close ties to organized crime. [58]

In the area of ​​crime related to prostitution and nightlife, pressure was put on alleged victims in 2005 to refuse to testify. Of 642 alleged victims, 325 (approx. 50%) were questioned by the police on this matter. In 93 (approx. 15% of the total number of alleged victims, approx. 29% of the questioned alleged victims), the police found indications of inadmissible interference. [59] The feminist magazine Emma also criticized in 2013 that the police were unable to guarantee adequate protection. [60]

Several outlaw motorcycle gangs are among the competitors for supremacy in the red light district. Again and again there were massive clashes between the Bandidos and the Hells Angels. Both associations are assigned arms and drug trafficking and the promotion of prostitution. [61] [62] [63]

In some places the Black Jackets are involved in the struggle for control of the red light district (as of 2013). [64] In 2013 the brothel Lustpark der Black Jackets in Neu-Ulm was excavated and an arsenal was secured. [65] [66] In 2012 it became known to the public that the Dutch rocker organization Satudarah MC was performing in Germany. [67] Satudarah is deeply involved in prostitution, drug trafficking, and violent crime.

The different kind of dating site for sex

Some nice functions invite you to flirt: These include above all the SpeedDate game. You can send your potential flirt partner either a self-composed or a pre-written message. Unfortunately, we discovered a few spurious profiles during our tests. In the meantime, couple fever has taken a break, but has then returned with a new design.

Romance 50plus

The partner exchange for seniors and 50 plus

The simple single exchange “Romantik 50plus” ( is a dating platform for all young at heart singles from the age of 40. Some nice features invite you to flirt and stay on the site. In addition to the search function and the mailbox, this includes, for example, a personal (online) diary, a video area or various photo galleries of the registered members. The use of this single exchange is mostly free of charge.

Approx. 20,000 members in Germany

(Almost) completely free to use

The Ü50 portal “” primarily addresses people over the age of 50 who are looking for a leisure partner or who are looking for a great love. Although the latter point is not in focus, it cannot be ruled out that a permanent partner can also be found here. There is always a lot going on within the chat at; In addition, there are different regional groups in which current information on the selected regions is exchanged. The complete service “” is available free of charge.

Approx. 180,000 members in Germany

Other free dating sites in comparison (sorted alphabetically)

ChatCity // The chat to meet friends and chat

Website: // for a short test

Forum for seniors // The lifestyle portal 50plus

Website: // to the short test

koelnerSingles // This is where Cologne meets

Website: // Test follows // The Metal Community

Website: // for a short test

mv-spion // Friends and singles in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Website: // to the short test

Single-City // The free dating single community

Website: // for a short test

stuttgarterSingles // This is where Stuttgart meets

Website: // Test follows

YouNow // Live Stream Video Chat

Website: // for a short test

More information about free dating sites

In this comparison, we have only listed the German dating sites where registration, writing messages and the use of other relevant functions are free. In addition, if the free dating site uses a coin system, it must be possible to acquire sufficient amounts of this virtual means of payment free of charge. If these factors cannot be met, we will not include the dating portal within this category.

Exactly for this reason you will not get to see a free dating site often during the commercial breaks on TV. The free dating portal must convince with other factors and get as many members as possible to use word of mouth. With a few providers this works quite well, other (more new) free dating sites have to hold out, prove perseverance and fight hard (for their own survival).

A small catch: Even if these dating sites are free to use, it can happen from time to time that you run out of credits, for example because you are writing to too many men or women. This is exactly what every single exchange operator relies on, because this is the only way they can sell the coveted coins or credits to the user for a fee at low prices.

As described, more and more singles are opting for a dating site that offers at least the basic functionality for free. Nevertheless, not all partner seekers find love happiness in such a dating site. Sometimes too few potential partners are registered or one struggles too much with fakes. As part of our comparison of different flirting offers, we therefore want to present the alternatives that are worthwhile from our point of view.

Test winner singles exchanges: FriendScout24

Test winner dating agencies: PARSHIP

Test winner sex contact provider: C-date

If you know of a free dating site that is not listed here, please send us a note: (hidden)

Nevertheless, providers with premium content are of course also the target of many unwanted fake registrations. Here, however, these fakes just have a little harder time to get in touch with the other members.

This first step is followed by filling out your own dating profile. Here you enter your physical characteristics (height, hair color, eye color, etc.

Any different kind of dating site for sex

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↑ Gudrun Friese: Whores on the barricades.

A new different kind of dating site for sex

> Online dating> About sex bots and fake profiles

09/23/2015 | Reading time: 474 seconds

Sex bots and fake profiles on dating portals – we get to the bottom of it. © Dmytro Tolokonov –

A lot is reported about sex bots and fake profiles on dating portals such as Ashley Madison or Lovoo, and users also complain to us. Time to uncover what’s really going on!

As part of the data theft at Ashley Madison, a casual dating portal with over 30 million members, it was revealed that virtually no female profile was real on this portal. Ashley Madison staff created the profiles and chatted with male users to encourage them to buy. Internal documents showed that 80% of all sales were initiated by automatically generated profiles (also called angels). The German dating app Lovoo is also suspected of having misled users with automatically generated bots

Many aboalarm customers also complain to us that dating portals systematically falsify profiles of women en masse in order to encourage users to buy. A user of the Only-Dates portal, operated by Ideo Labs GmbH, writes to our customer support that, from his point of view, there seem to be many fake profiles. He came to this point of view in particular because, from his point of view, many of the messages appear to be false. He also had the impression that you only get messages when you are online. He found all of this very suspicious.

We investigated these complaints, did research, spoke to experts and questioned over 1,000 dating portal subscribers about sex bots and fake profiles. But first let’s take a look at the different types of fake profiles.

Which online dating membership would you like to cancel?

In particular, this category includes spammers promoting a competitor’s website. As a rule, spammers posing as women promise users more images and closer contact.

Scammers, on the other hand, try to harm users directly by demanding money transfers (e.g. blackmailing with photo material) from them. Lovoo says it blocks up to 3,000 spammers and scammer accounts every day with the help of extensive analysis tools.

Finally, an industry insider described a type of fake profile that he jokingly called the Swabian tranny. These are men who sign up as women to avoid the high subscription fees that apply to men. Women can usually register for free on portals in order to keep the imbalance between the number of male and female users as low as possible.

Almost all dating portals follow the so-called freemium business model: users can register for free (free), but have to pay if they want to use certain value-added functions (premium). The paid functions usually include the ability to answer messages from other users. And it is precisely this buying impulse that should be triggered by fake profiles.

Algorithms or employees of some portal drivers, such as Ashley Madison, create fake profiles with photos and profile data of attractive women, write to male members as decoys and express interest in the person in these lure messages. In order to be able to answer this promising lure message, the recipients must take out a premium membership that is subject to a fee.

What sounds like fraud to the legal layman is disclosed by many providers in their own terms and conditions. aboalarm has examined the terms and conditions of 56 casual dating and single portals. More than 50% of all portals have the following or similar formulations in their terms and conditions:

“THE PROVIDER employs professional animators and operators for the animation and entertainment of the users, who are not specially marked in the system. No real meetings are possible with these. The users can only send them messages within the portal or contact them via SMS or telephone. Messages via the electronic mailbox are only possible as part of the paid service. “(Source: Flirtfair AGB)

On the question of whether these clauses are effective, we asked the specialist lawyer for IT law Holger Loos. He has strong doubts about the legal admissibility: “With a dating portal, the average consumer can expect from my point of view that the people he sees on the thumbnails are actually available for a date – of whatever kind – and that the people with whom he communicates are also real people who are available for a date.

Any different kind associated with dating site for sex

Casual dates are sex that are not carried out in the rigid structure of a monogamous relationship, but instead take place free of emotions and compulsions between occasional sexual partners. Fewer and fewer singles use traditional dating agencies and most opt ​​for a casual date. That is why we took a very detailed look around the casual dating market and gathered experiences that we would like to share at this point. In the following table we present the TOP 6 portals in more detail.

High chances of success

Broad age structure

Free for women

High membership level

Ideal for erotic dates

Contact guarantee

Ideal for erotic dates

Professional side

Suitable for singles, couples and swingers

Big community

Erotic events

Hardly any fake profiles through authenticity check

No membership subscriptions

Women flirt completely for free

For dating and erotic adventures

Anti-fake guarantee

Effective partner matching

Contact guarantee and referral guarantee

Top casual dating portal

Short terms

Ideal for non-binding sex meetings

Including fake protection

Suitable for singles, couples and swingers

Large adult community

Free for women

Fair prices for men

High quality of the member profiles

Protection of anonymity and discretion

Good features for making contact

Authenticity check

High proportion of women

Ideal for erotic dates

Fair pricing policy without subscription

Masks to anonymize the profile pictures

Free test of the site upon registration

Well-fitting mediation proposals

In the past, young women and men tended towards the model of (provident) marriage, the unmarried remained the exception. Today it’s completely different, getting married later than before – if at all. What happens in the meantime can be quite adventurous, but most of all it’s a decision today that everyone can and should make for themselves. While some singles prefer to stay at home, others use this free time in life to let off steam. They enjoy casual dating, where they can have sex without necessarily having to commit. Dates are possible, cuddling too, if both want that, but they save the stress of relationship, because they are not officially together and can have as many other partners as they want. Several dating portals on the Internet have developed around this new form of togetherness, which make the search for a casual date easier and more beautiful.

Ranking of the casual dating portals

1st place – VERY GOOD (9.6 / 10): C-Date

2nd place – VERY GOOD (9.5 / 10): JoyClub

3rd place – GOOD (9.0 / 10): Lovepoint

A date used to have a clear purpose. A couple wanted to see whether it would go together, then get married at some point, have children, build a house … we still know dates like this today. But they are no longer everything that could interest two people who get to know each other better by candlelight and wine. The modern single might not be dissatisfied as such.

At some point he wants to get to know someone again, but not immediately – and he doesn’t want to be completely alone during this time either. So what speaks in the age of safer contraceptives against only enjoying the good things of a relationship and avoiding the stress?

Two people get to know each other, but not with the intention of having a relationship. They have sex whenever and as often as both of them want to, they may also meet in their free time, when both of them feel like eating or going to the cinema. Some casual dates develop into a kind of friendship with certain advantages, while others remain one-off encounters. However, one thing is always clear: nobody is looking for relationships here, but everything else is open.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to commit. Nobody needs a supplier anymore, we are all able to cope on our own. Many singles enjoy this time a lot and don’t want to end it, at least not at the moment.

In order to satisfy the human need for closeness, tenderness and of course sex, casual dates are just the thing. What’s more, it’s even safer than just looking for a one-night stand at a party because it’s anonymous and could turn into a disappointment, if not a health risk.

On a casual date, both are prepared for what is going to happen, they accept it responsibly and get to know each other beforehand so that it is really nice and nobody is disappointed in the end.

Some sort of different kind regarding dating site for sex

If you want a sex meeting that satisfies your secret lust, then you have come to the right place. We have already introduced you to some sex portals that can convince through quality and above all through depravity. We have also briefly explained to you how easy it can be to get a woman to a sex date. But now we want you to find the right sex portal for your meeting. We will now explain to you how best to proceed here.

Free registration for the special meeting: So that you can find the right portal, you should always rely on a free registration. Most of our portals can be used with a free registration. This registration enables you to get a first insight into the portal and to make your fuck meeting real.

Pay attention to preferences: In order to find the right sex portal for your sexual preferences, it is very important that you know your own preferences. So what are you into Would you prefer a slightly older caliber or do you like people of the same age? No matter which woman or whore you prefer, you should pay close attention to your preferences when making your selection.

Amateurs in the sex portal: To make a sex meeting real, the amateurs in the sex portals are of course particularly important. Take a close look at them before you sign up. Because this way you have the opportunity to make a first selection. Of course, age also plays an important role in this case. So what is the membership structure?

Communication channels: The communication channels are just as important as the entire portal itself. To organize a sex meeting, of course, perfect communication should be possible. Most sex portals offer sex chat or private sex messages in this case.

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Many men and women are afraid to ask someone out on a date. You may be very fond of a person but seem naive …

Lustagenten Flirtlife SecretDatingClub Friendr Not so long ago people actually had to …

We took a closer look at the live cam sex pages and came to the conclusion that the live sex cam on these pages is the right thing …

Sex portals the big cheat or real sex date the comparison What many do not know, but in Germany so much money is …

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So that reproduction almost works in the context of humans, hormones are, for example, testosterone, dopamine and some Ös …

The subject is: Secretly we hope that we are the end of the world in terms of sex. That this sex works for miles based on us …

Now let’s be honest: what time of day do you show sex? Most couples make love in the evening. Now the knowledge advises …

You hastily got to know a Locke woman, moreover, you’re up to your ears in seventh heaven.

Some sort of different kind involving dating site for sex

The roles in this social drama are irrevocably fixed in the form of the client as a male (violent) perpetrator and the sex worker as a helpless female victim. ”[31] In this context, the male demand for prostitution is equated with sexual violence and rape. The sparse available quantitative results are also subject to high uncertainties. These result from different survey methods (by telephone, online, in writing, in person), survey staff (man or woman), understanding of prostitution and the frequency of prostitution demand (one-off, occasionally, regularly).

In 1994 Kleiber and Velten presented the results of their quantitative empirical study for Germany. According to this, 18% of the male population between 15 and 74 years of age are regular customers of prostitutes. [32] Gerheim wrote in 2012 with regard to the extent of male prostitution demand: “It can be stated that, from a global perspective, only a small part of the total male population actively and regularly uses prostitution, and that for a relevant size of men the demand for sex for sale is only a singular or . represents a marginal event. “[33]

Overall, the number of prostitution customers in the western world is declining, which is attributed on the one hand to an increase in the possibilities of sexual activities outside of partnerships in the form of fling portals, swinger clubs as well as telephone and internet offers and on the other hand to the consequences of financial and economic crises. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of prostitutes on offer. [34]

The total number of prostitutes in Germany is unknown and the subject of estimates. According to an estimate from Hydra from the 1980s, [35] which has been frequently adopted since then, there could be 400,000 or more or fewer prostitutes in Germany. [36] [8] [37] On the basis of estimates of individual police stations in various large cities, the daily newspaper Die Welt in November 2013 came up with an extrapolated total of around 200,000 prostitutes for the whole of Germany. [38] The Emma editor Chantal Louis spoke in October 2012 of around 150,000 women who work in prostitution in Germany; [39] in October 2013 Chantal Louis and Alice Schwarzer even spoke of an estimated 700,000 prostitutes in Germany. [40] In NRW, the most populous federal state, it is assumed that there are 25,000 to 40,000 female prostitutes. [29]

These figures include casual prostitutes, the number of which is stated differently depending on the definition. Regarding the numbers from the advice centers, it is unclear whether women in particular turn to advice centers in problematic situations or whether women in particularly precarious situations could even be underrepresented. The high fluctuation is also problematic, since many only work temporarily in prostitution. A survey conducted in 2008 by various prostitution agencies estimated that around 90% of those involved in prostitution are female. Around 7% are male and 3% transsexual. [41]

Since the opening of the EU, the proportion of migrants has increased enormously and is around 60% or more. [42] In the KABP study by the Robert Koch Institute, which carried out surveys of people in various health authorities, a migrant share of 73% among female prostitutes was found in 2010/11. Bulgarians (16%) and Romanians (12%) make up the largest groups after the domestic sex workers. [43] while the proportion of women from Asia, Latin America and Africa has decreased significantly. [44] Among the male prostitutes, the proportion of migrants rose to 90%. [45]

Since the legal changes in other EU countries such as France, where the purchase of sexual services was banned, sex tourism to Germany has increased. In some contexts, Germany is even reported as “Europe’s pouf”. The Saarland is particularly affected: The city of Saarbrücken is said to have had the highest number of prostitutes per 1000 inhabitants in Germany in 2015. [46]

The Federal Statistical Office reported that at the end of 2018 a total of 32,800 prostitutes were registered under the German Prostitute Protection Act. 1,600 (provisional) permits were issued for prostitution businesses, 96% of which were for prostitution establishments such as brothels. Only 19% of sex workers had German citizenship, 72% came from other European countries, 6% from Asia and 2% from the USA. 35% came from Romania, 10% from Bulgaria and 7% from Hungary. Around 76% of all prostitutes were between the ages of 21 and 44, 6% between 18 and 20 years and 17% were 45 years and older. However, the Federal Office points out that the corresponding administrative structures were still being set up after the law was introduced in July 2017 and that the data were not one hundred percent meaningful.

A different connected with dating site for sex

com “is a mixture of a classic single exchange (” Here you go looking for the partner of your choice “) and a dating agency (” Possible partners are suggested based on a personality test. “). The free registration takes correspondingly longer, as you already go through the (comparatively) manageable personality test here. The possibilities within the platform are extensive and seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. But that subsides over time.

Find your dream partner now for free

The single exchange “” is a tidy single exchange that is financed by advertising and can therefore be used completely free of charge. The variety of functions is very manageable, so that even newcomers will find their way around quite quickly. The focus here is clearly on the search for a new partner and the exchange of messages. The activity is unfortunately still a bit limited here, but you can also take a look here (since it is free of charge).

Approx. 100,000 registered members (estimated)

The social network for singles

The free dating site “” describes itself as a “social network for singles” or as a “Facebook alternative for singles”. It contains some functions that can be found on other major social media platforms (e.g. Facebook): You can make friends, post pictures or share news. On your own personal start page you can see all the news at a glance in the form of an activity list. Even if there is not so much going on here, we assume that this chic single exchange will attract some new singles in the medium term.

Germany’s free dating site

The free dating site “” is still relatively new on the German dating market. Austrians know “” under “” – the Austrian counterpart. The dating site is relatively plain and simple. Messages can be written free of charge or, provided the user is online, chatted. And here we see one of the provider’s challenges: Unfortunately, the active mass of users in Germany is not that large. Unfortunately, there are only a few members who actively use the service and are online.

The single exchange for the best age

The 40Gold single exchange is aimed specifically at singles of the 40s and older generation. According to their own statements, this is the “spot on” if you are looking for a serious partnership and value quality and seriousness. The operation is designed quite simply and quickly internalized after a little trial and error. The 40Gold single exchange can be used permanently free of charge.

Over 70,000 members in Germany

The single chat “Knuddels” is particularly popular with young users and singles. Experience has shown that women receive a lot of messages – even if they don’t have a profile picture yet. The possibility of a webcam chat is interesting; not many providers offer that. We would consider the membership level to be mixed. You should be able to overlook some unsightly sayings, because every now and then it can be quite frank to rough.

Approx. 1 million members in Germany

Flirt & chat for free

The single exchange “Flirtbox” looks relatively fresh, appealing and modern. The registration as well as the use is completely free and therefore associated with no risks. The use is largely intuitive and also makes sense for newcomers. With just over 60,000 members (this is what the provider himself states), “Flirtbox” is of course not the largest provider in Germany, but we could imagine that there is upward potential here. But what you should consider: There is a large surplus of men here. Accordingly, it will be difficult for the male singles to find a suitable woman; because the competition is great.

Over 60,000 registered members

Free dating site for dating and personals

The single exchange “” is completely free and therefore of interest to anyone who does not want to spend a single cent looking for a partner. In general, the page is very text-heavy, so you first have to look a little where you should or can click. What we noticed during our tests: Unfortunately, the activity is not particularly high here, so you should plan a little longer until you have found the right flirt partner.

Over 50,000 registered members

Couple fever

Dating, singles, personals, dating

The single exchange is 100% free and has been in the German dating market since 2006.

Some sort of different regarding dating site for sex

All popular dating sites at a glance

Below you will find an overview of the most popular dating sites in Germany. We have tested the sites in our online dating comparison and tell you about our experiences in the individual test reports. For a better overview, we have divided all of the providers we tested into several categories according to their orientation and target group. Just take a look around the list. Maybe there is something for you.

The best reputable dating agency in our test: Very popular with singles with class!

750,000 current users in Germany

51% female

49% male

The market leader for cultivated and elite partner searches: over 70% academics!

425,000 current users in Germany

54% female

46% male

Alternative dating agency for all people who do not belong to the mainstream.

19,000 current users in Germany

61% female

39% male

Serious German dating agency with a broad user group – Europe-wide.

200,000 current users in Germany

52% female

48% male

The most recent publication in the “dating agency” category – free of charge for students, trainees and single parents!

100,000 current users in Germany

53% female

47% male

from € 24.99 per month

Half price for singles under 30!

One of the most popular German dating sites for flirting: many users from all over the world!

600,000 current users in Germany

43% female

57% male

Serious single exchange for mature partner searches: Registration only possible for over 50 singles.

150,000 current users in Germany

55% female

45% male

Tried and tested dating site and dating app with mandatory photos: fair and cheap, unfortunately not very large.

70,000 current users in Germany

39% female

61% male

Solid single exchange for everyone who is no longer 20.

150,000 current users in Germany

52% female

48% male

The best discreet casual dating agency for high quality erotic contacts!

675,000 current users in Germany

48% female

52% male

The most diverse erotic community of all: very large range of sex preferences and possibilities!

620,000 current users in Germany

30% female

39% male

31% couples

Recruitment agency with two main focuses – erotic adventure and serious partner search.

125,000 current German infidel jumpers

41% female

59% male

Not particularly big, but overall compelling casual dating agency.

120,000 current users in Germany

32% female

68% male

Mostly free online meeting point for all kinds of sex contacts, unfortunately with a large surplus of men.

500,000 current users in Germany

12% female

88% male

The world’s largest social dating app: contacts from love to sex possible.

550,000 current users in Germany

35% female

65% male

The largest dating app from Germany with a simple and good concept.

900,000 current users in Germany

30% female

70% male

Most advertised dating app from the USA: very popular worldwide!

600,000 current users in Germany

30% female

70% male

Dating agency for mature single people from 50 years.

90,000 current users in Germany

53% female

47% male

The best known partner agency for Polish women and German men.

2,000 current profiles of Polish women

10,000 current German-speaking men

Personality-based dating agency for singles over 50 – not particularly crowded.

40,000 current users in Germany

52% female

48% male

Large and popular live cam community to chat with hot erotic models.

25,000 current amateurs

300,000 current users in Germany

Diverse 50Plus community: partner search, friendships and leisure time contacts possible.

65,000 current users in Germany

51% female

49% male

Largely free single exchange with a very mixed audience.

500,000 current users in Germany

36% female

64% male

Good masked ball style casual dating platform, unfortunately not very large.

115,000 current users in Germany

32% female

68% male

International dating agency, not very worthwhile in Germany.

30,000 current users in Germany

57% female

43% male

Very women-friendly casual dating portal – not very well known in Germany.

60,000 current users in Germany

42% female

58% male

German dating site that has been active for many years – lately less and less in demand.

30,000 current users in Germany

37% female

63% male

User-friendly flirt exchange for casual dates, unfortunately with many fakes.

60,000 current users in Germany

30% female

70% male

The world’s largest and nastiest online sex club – not very popular with real women.

100,000 current users in Germany

13% female

87% male

User-friendly platform for erotic contacts – mediocre chances of success due to some fakes.

70,000 current users in Germany

35% female

65% male

Popular single exchange in English-speaking countries, not very recommendable in Germany.

10,000 current users in Germany

34% female

66% male

German single exchange with a relaxed audience, some fakes and a subscription trap!


A new different kind regarding dating site for sex

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