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It is rare to find an LGTB + work with tints of magical realism or set in a dystopia, what would you say have been your main references (cultural, literary, cinematographic) when writing the book?

I generally consume different literature than the one I write (Saramago, Camus, Lucía Berlin, Romain Gary…). I don’t have very strong influences. For example, magical realism is not among my favorite genres; I didn’t even read One Hundred Years of Solitude. However, there is a movie that always comes to mind when I think of my novel: The Possible Lives of Mr. Nobody. I think they are similar in structure, time and strength.

A year ago we had an interesting debate in ‘El Asombrario’ about LGTB + literature, in which several Spanish writers and editors participated. You have published your first novel with Dos Bigotes, one of the publishers that is doing the most for the visibility of the group. What is LGTB + literature for you, how would you define it?

It is a mirror of our reality, which is much more diverse than what is shown to us in almost all the media (television series, television commercials, children’s literature, family films …). LGTB + literature shows reality as it is, plural –very plural–, and not as one sees it or wishes to see it. You cannot make a portrait of a society if you put aside the stories of minorities. If literature were a world map, LGTB + writings would be the links between countries; its isthmus and canals; the active volcanoes that, even being smaller, ask for more visibility than the inactive ones that long ago had their glory, even if they are smaller.

To what extent do you think that having a sexual orientation other than heterosexual affects success in the literary or artistic world? Do you think there is still discrimination in relation to gender, identity or affective-sexual orientation in the artistic world?

I do not think it affects in a negative way, although since publication there is a question that from time to time has haunted my head: will there be readers who take the book with less desire for thinking that they will not be able to empathize with a love story between two mens? It would not be my case. For example, the movie story I was most excited about was Portrait of a Woman on Fire.

I couldn’t close without throwing you a question that I always ask all the people I interview: with a far-right party present in almost all the institutions, and with the media serving as a loudspeaker, do you think that LGBT + people are in greater danger than before? How do you see the situation in France, where you live?

Yes, we are more in danger than before. Of course! Because with the ultra-right asleep, the prejudiced one would not throw a host at you on a bad day; but now, I’m afraid he feels supported to give it from time to time. Regarding France, I think it is a country with more prejudices towards the LGTB + collective than Spain. Perhaps the sambenito of “heterosexual seducer French” is not so easy to uproot in the collective subconscious. But it is only a slight impression, that I have not been in the country for a long time.

Carlos Asensio (Mallorca, 1986) has a degree in Sociology and Political Science, as well as an expert in feminism and sexual diversity. He has published the poetry books Arder o quemar (Maclein and Parker, 2019) and Stop being (Chiado, 2017), and his poetry has also appeared in several literary magazines such as Maremágnum, OcultaLit or Triadæ Magazine. In 2018 he co-founded the publishing house Circo de Extravíos, whose first volume is the illustrated poetry anthology Amores Liquidos (2019). Carlos collaborates with media such as Diario16, El Asombrario, 20 Minutos or OcultaLit.

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The recommended methods for managing the bibliography in a document written in LaTeX have evolved over the years. Currently, the simplest and most efficient way to store and cite a series of bibliographic sources in LaTeX is through the biblatex package.

Due to the variety of tools that exist to manage a bibliography in LaTeX, this topic can be confusing for any beginner. In this article we present a single option to manage the bibliography that we consider the most appropriate and simple at present. Even so, you can find references to other packages and options that have been and still are of great use to many LaTeX users.

The first step in managing the bibliography is to create a file to store all the information about the references to be cited.

This file contains a separate entry for each bibliographic source. For example, if we want to cite a scientific article, we can save its information within a .bib file as:

The example above shows the information from a scientific article. This is indicated by the @article parameter. There are other types of bibliographic elements. For example @book for books and @inproceedings for conference session minutes. The type of element chosen gives access to different attributes that can or must be defined.

In the case of scientific articles, it is mandatory to define the name of the author or authors (author), the title of the article (title), the name of the journal that has published it (journal) and the year of publication. Optionally, you can also define the volume (volume), the number (number), the article pages (pages), the month of publication (month) and add any explanatory note (note).

All these attributes are written inside the braces defined with @article {}. The structure must always be the keyword first (e.g. author) followed by the equal sign and then the concrete value. It is important to delimit the value between a special symbol, you can use both braces and quotes. You also need to write a comma at the end of each row. When there are two or more authors it is important to separate each author with the word and. This allows LaTeX to determine the number of authors and give them the correct format depending on the bibliographic style that is chosen.

Another essential element is the label associated with each font. This is written immediately after opening the curly brackets after indicating the type of bibliographic source.

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Processing departments are the internal / staff units that are responsible for managing course reading lists and appointments. This field is required when creating a course (see Adding a course), but is (currently) for informational purposes only.

Each Alma institution or library can include multiple processing departments. Each processing department that you define at the institutional level is available to the libraries in the institution.

Configure processing departments from the department list page (Alma Configuration> Fulfillment> Courses> Processing Departments).

This page is the same as the one used for the configuration of the scanning departments. For instructions on how to add, edit, and delete processing departments, see Setting up scanning departments .

Alma allows you to define academic departments to which courses can be associated (see Adding a course). For example, you can create an academic department for Exact Sciences. A specific course (for example, Introduction to Chemistry) may be associated with this academic department. Note that academic departments can only be defined at the institutional level.

Academic departments could be activated or deactivated. All new academic departments are activated by default. Academic departments appear in all the Academic Department drop-down lists in Alma, in the same order that they are listed on the code table page in which they are defined. Only activated academic departments appear in the Academic Department drop-down lists

Configure the academic departments in the Faculties code table (Alma Configuration> Fulfillment> Courses> Academic Departments). For more information on code tables, see Code Tables.

You can add, activate or deactivate departments or select one as the default selected department from the drop-down list.

To configure reading list appointment statuses, you must have one of the following roles:

When managing appointments from the reading list, you can assign a status to appointments (see Managing appointments). Alma includes a number of predefined appointment statuses (see Citations and Reading List statuses in the Leganto Administration Guide). Additional appointment statuses can be set. Note that you cannot delete statuses predefined by Alma.

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