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When your partner is dating online, many questions arise

Relationship status unclear? Jule Malz about an ugly phenomenon: bound in reality – solo in the online world

It is well known that double mocking is better. However, this somewhat flat wisdom only applies if the double mopping makes something more stable. This includes double knots. Sometimes double peaks too. And a double whopper also makes us ‘more stable’ around our hips. What doesn’t work at all, however, is the uncomfortable endeavor to double-check one’s own attractiveness in a relationship. This includes, for example, fishing for new partners on various single portals despite the relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing this purely ‘theoretically’ or actually taking action on a dating level. Unfortunately, thanks to Tinder & Co., this happens more and more often in times of easy fishing. This results in various absurdities that raise the concept of cheating to a whole new level.

One might argue about whether just registering on a dating portal counts as cheating. Behind this is the argument: ‘I just want to see what else could go’. At the legal level one would probably move in the area of ​​the experiment. And that would be punishable. But apart from that: How strange is it when you are confronted by friends or acquaintances with the fact that your partner with a single profile – even if only “theoretically” – is fishing? Do you want that? Absolutely no way. It is also not part of a new nonchalance that the area of ​​flirting with others has been able to move from reality in pubs or clubs to a digital world in which one is aware of one’s own desires with sausage bread in hand on the couch because as a given someone you have again collected seven matches and three super likes.

And how disturbing it is when you are shown the single profile of your beloved partner. With photos in which one may have been cut out in a bumbling manner (nausea alarm) or that depict the other in a way that we know that with this self-view, the wish alone was the father of the thought. Questions after questions arise. And it is the same that a real cheating brings with it: Am I not enough? Am I worthless to the other? Why does he or she accept the humiliation when mutual friends and acquaintances notice this and I do not? Is the other guy really kidding me?

The simplicity with which we (supposedly) singles go shopping via app today and can also pretend to be such, even when we are not, leads to tragic-comic situations in the real world. A friend of mine recently went on a date with a really decent guy. One should think so. Bar, drinks, good conversation. At some point the guy went to the door shortly, there was talk of an important phone call. While said friend happily wrote to us girls about how well her date was going, a strange girl shot around the corner and spoke to her directly. Whether she was on a date and what the guy would tell and so on. The end of the story (and the date) was this: The strange girl was the best friend of the girlfriend of this ‘really decent’ guy. My friend couldn’t know. He had a single profile on a dating app. I guess he’s actually single again by now. Good for him. Then wish and reality fit together again for him.

And then of course there are also the candidates who make absolutely no bones about the double nudge in matters of relationship. They then present themselves with pictures from the waist down and searches for submissive and agreeable contacts who are willing to live with the fact that one is in a happy relationship, but that this offers enough space for intimate arbitrariness.

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The then Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth Ursula von der Leyen did not want to reverse the changes made by the previous red-green government, although her party had opposed the introduction of the Prostitution Act; However, in January 2007 she wanted to have customers prosecuted by forced prostitutes and victims of human trafficking, following the example of Sweden. [17] In contrast, the Minister of Justice of Bavaria, Beate Merk, demanded in January 2007 that the reform of the previous government should be withdrawn, at least in criminal law, and that this loophole should be closed. [18]

In June 2013, the coalition of the CDU, CSU and FDP in the Bundestag presented the draft of a “law to combat human trafficking and monitor prostitution sites” (Drucksache 17/13706). [19] It was rejected by the invited experts in the public hearing of the Legal Affairs Committee on June 25, 2013 for various reasons [20] and stopped by the red-green majority of the Federal Council shortly before the end of the legislative period. [21]

In November 2013, the appeal against prostitution and the appeal for prostitution were followed by a controversy about the need for new regulations in the field of prostitution.

In the coalition agreement for the 16th electoral term negotiated between the CDU / CSU and the SPD after the 2013 federal election, a “comprehensive revision” of the Prostitution Act was announced. In this context, the legal basis for inspections of prostitution sites by the regulatory authorities should be improved. In the same section of the coalition agreement, albeit without a direct legal connection to the Prostitution Act, the governing parties also announced measures against forced prostitution and human trafficking. In this way, the victims should be better protected and corresponding offenders punished more consistently. In future, action should also be taken against people “who knowingly and willingly exploit the plight of the victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution and who abuse them for sexual acts”. [22] [23]

In April 2014, following a motion from the Saarland, the Federal Council spoke out in favor of a factual debate and differentiated measures to regulate prostitution and prostitution facilities; The Federal Council described the introduction of a punishment for customers (suitors) as a counterproductive measure. [24] The deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Eva Högl, spoke out in October 2014 in favor of punishing customers if they seek out forced prostitutes; this was implemented on October 15, 2016 through the introduction of Section 232a (6) StGB. However, a higher punishment than sexual assault or rape according to § 177 StGB comes into consideration, especially since this paragraph was tightened on November 10, 2016.

At the beginning of February 2015, the representatives of the coalition parties of the federal government agreed to introduce a condom requirement for customers, a registration requirement for prostitutes, a permit requirement for brothels outside the trade regulations, the requirement to participate in annual medical consultations for prostitutes and a ban on all-inclusive and group sex offers. [25] [26] It was implemented through the Prostitute Protection Act, which came into force on July 1, 2017.

There is no scientifically reliable information on prostitution in Germany (as of 2013), neither on the number of prostitutes nor on the number of customers (clients). [27] Udo Gerheim, University of Oldenburg, wrote in 2012: “It must therefore be stated that there are currently no reliable and secure quantitative primary data on the social field of prostitution.” , but these are rated differently by experts. [29]

The reason for this data gap is that prostitution as a topic in the scientific system, which is often dominated by men, promises little reputation and is considered offensive. Existing studies are limited to the institution of prostitution and prostitutes. Legal, medical and socio-hygienic aspects predominate. Gerheim wrote about this in 2012: “The male demand for sex for sale has remained and will be structurally excluded from this discourse and disciplinary regime and its social practice untouched.” [30]

The few studies that deal with the male demand side concentrate on criminological and psychiatric aspects (clients as sex offenders, clients of migrant prostitutes) as well as on medical issues such as HIV infections and on power constellations and the prevalence of violence. Gerheim writes: “Compared to the previous administrative regulation of prostitution, this state-feminist-inspired power technology can be viewed as a decisive socio-political and legal paradigm shift.

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The practice of prostitution in Germany (FRG) was and is in principle permissible, but in principle the prostitution of minors, forced prostitution and the practice of prostitution in a restricted area are punishable (§ 184f StGB). In 2000, the Berlin Administrative Court declared prostitution no longer immoral. [1] The paradigm shift expressed in it through a civil law reassessment should lead from the previous “protection against prostitution” to “protection in prostitution” in order to respect people’s decision to work in prostitution and to strengthen their rights. [2] Nevertheless, their assessment remains socially inconsistent. A controversial debate on the reform of the Prostitution Act (ProstG of 2001) led to the Prostitute Protection Act in 2016 (ProstSchG). The so-called Nordic or Swedish model has not been passed by the legislator. Thus, even after the reform of the Prostitution Act, Germany has a very liberal practice by international comparison. At the end of 2018, 32,800 prostitutes were officially registered in Germany (see below).

The establishment of official women’s shelters began in Germany in the 13th and especially in the 14th and 15th centuries. There were urban brothels in almost all of the larger settlements. [3] The taxes went to the respective city.

At the Council of Constance (1414-1418) 1500 prostitutes are said to have been in the city, at the Basel Council (1431) in 1800. In 1492, the chroniclers recorded an uprising of former whores in the monastery of St. Maria Magdalena zur Busse in Cologne-Eigelstein, probably because of Forced Labor. [4] Against the background of the spread of syphilis, Charles V banned women’s shelters in the entire Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in 1530. [5]

In 1794, § 999 of the Prussian General Land Law stipulated that “dissolute women […] had to go to whore houses tolerated under the supervision of the state”. Women “who want to run a trade with their bodies” were considered to be “dissolute women”.

In contrast, it was not until the so-called Bremen Regulations of 1852 stipulated that prostitution was “not a trade in the true sense”. With this distinction between prostitution and permitted trade, the immorality was directly anchored in law. [6] The penal code of 1871 prohibited brothels and “commercial fornication”. Paragraph 361 number 6 in the version of 1876 only threatened to be punished if a woman prostituted herself outside police supervision. [5]

At the beginning of the 20th century, prostitution was considered “harmful to the community”. [7] The yardstick for good morals was “the decency of all those who think cheaply and justly” according to a formula developed by the Imperial Court in 1901 (RGZ 48, pp. 114, 124). [8] Nevertheless, various brothel and Laufhaus districts existed or developed in the 20th century, such as Helenenstrasse in Bremen (since 1878), Linienstraße in Dortmund (since 1904), Stahlstrasse in Essen (since around 1900), the Rampenloch in Minden (since 1908) , Im Winkel in Bochum (since around 1912), and Flaßhofstrasse in Oberhausen (since 1910 and 1963).

The Reichsfinanzhof ruled in 1923 that prostitutes did not provide any benefits in terms of tax law, the wages remained tax-free. He ruled again in 1931 that a woman’s physical devotion was not an activity. [5] In 1927 the venereal disease law was discussed and passed; it went hand in hand with a decriminalization of prostitution.

During the Second World War, the German Wehrmacht set up around 100 Wehrmacht brothels in the occupied territories, including in France, Poland, Italy and Norway. Lothar-Günther Buchheim described his impressions from Brest: [9] “When a big ship came in, the hookers simply stayed lying between the numbers.” Military prostitution was regulated: “You can only visit the brothel approved by the troop leadership. Always use a condom (rubber protection) and get sanitized after sexual intercourse. ”For the German soldiers, there was a disinfectant syringe in the urethra.

The Reichsfinanzhof ruled on tax liability in 1943; similar to the Supreme Tax Court in 1948. [5] In post-war western Germany, prostitution was legal but immoral. In Frankfurt in the 1950s, the high-class prostitute Rosemarie Nitribitt was known locally; her murder in 1957 attracted attention nationwide. Her clientele also included celebrities.

The law to combat sexually transmitted diseases (GeschlKrG) of 1953 authorized the health authorities to restrict the basic rights to physical integrity and freedom of the person for the purpose of combating sexually transmitted diseases.

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At the end of 2017, only around 7,000 prostitutes were validly registered with the authorities nationwide and 1,350 prostitution trades were permitted. [47]

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 40,400 people in Germany were registered in the prostitution industry at the end of 2019. 19% of the prostitutes had German citizenship (7700), 35% Romanian, 11% Bulgarian and 8% Hungarian. Of the registered prostitutes, 78% were between 21 and 44 years old, 17% were 45 years or older, 5% were between the ages of 18 and 20. A total of 2170 prostitution businesses were registered, 93% of them brothels. 140 permits were required for prostitution agencies, vehicles and events. [48]

According to a non-representative survey by the German Ministry of Family Affairs of 110 prostitutes in 2004, the women questioned were three times as likely to be victims of physical violence and five times as likely to be victims of sexual violence as the average female population. [49] The study claims that “after the Prostitution Act came into force in 2002, the very high level of physical, sexual and psychological violence among prostitutes both in the work context and in the private sphere continues to exist and no downward trend is evident”. [50] According to this study, prostitutes also had an increased risk of multiple victimization. They were more likely to suffer serious injuries and seek medical or police assistance less often. [51] The following statistics were collected in the study:

The findings of the study by the Ministry of Family Affairs largely coincide with those of another study from the German-speaking area from 2001 (98% of prostitute women had at least one traumatic experience, most of them several; 70% had experienced physical attacks; 68% had been raped mostly by clients; 59% were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, 50% had experienced abuse as children). [53]

An evaluation of the German Prostitution Act by the Family Ministry in 2007 came to the conclusion that the legalization of prostitution had barely improved the living conditions of prostitutes, if at all. [54]

Parts of this article seem out of date as of 2014.

Please help to research and insert the missing information.

There is clear disagreement in the political and social debate about absolute figures in connection with prostitution as well as the relative extent of criminal structures and the best ways to combat them. [55] However, there is a general consensus among the parties represented in the Bundestag that there is a need for regulation in order to be able to combat crime in the red-light district more effectively and to better protect victims from perpetrators.

A central cause lies in the extent of the unreported areas of sexual exploitation offenses (Sections 180a, 181a, 232 and 233a StGB). The federal government has so far not had any relevant studies or plans. [56] Sabine Constabel, social worker in the department of social services for prostitutes in the city of Stuttgart, claims that prostitution cannot be relegated to the dark field because it is absolutely dependent on advertising. If a client can find prostitutes, so can the police. [57]

In 2008, the then head of the Augsburg Criminal Police, Klaus Bayerl, said that the large brothels that had been created in the years since 2002 are facilities in which the official managing directors are straw people, while the responsible persons who actually act in the background come directly from the pimp or serious criminal milieu and almost always had close ties to organized crime. [58]

In the area of ​​crime related to prostitution and nightlife, pressure was put on alleged victims in 2005 to refuse to testify. Of 642 alleged victims, 325 (approx. 50%) were questioned by the police on this matter. In 93 (approx. 15% of the total number of alleged victims, approx. 29% of the questioned alleged victims), the police found indications of inadmissible interference. [59] The feminist magazine Emma also criticized in 2013 that the police were unable to guarantee adequate protection. [60]

Several outlaw motorcycle gangs are among the competitors for supremacy in the red light district. Again and again there were massive clashes between the Bandidos and the Hells Angels. Both associations are assigned arms and drug trafficking and the promotion of prostitution. [61] [62] [63]

In some places the Black Jackets are involved in the struggle for control of the red light district (as of 2013). [64] In 2013 the brothel Lustpark der Black Jackets in Neu-Ulm was excavated and an arsenal was secured. [65] [66] In 2012 it became known to the public that the Dutch rocker organization Satudarah MC was performing in Germany. [67] Satudarah is deeply involved in prostitution, drug trafficking, and violent crime.

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Some nice functions invite you to flirt: These include above all the SpeedDate game. You can send your potential flirt partner either a self-composed or a pre-written message. Unfortunately, we discovered a few spurious profiles during our tests. In the meantime, couple fever has taken a break, but has then returned with a new design.

Romance 50plus

The partner exchange for seniors and 50 plus

The simple single exchange “Romantik 50plus” ( is a dating platform for all young at heart singles from the age of 40. Some nice features invite you to flirt and stay on the site. In addition to the search function and the mailbox, this includes, for example, a personal (online) diary, a video area or various photo galleries of the registered members. The use of this single exchange is mostly free of charge.

Approx. 20,000 members in Germany

(Almost) completely free to use

The Ü50 portal “” primarily addresses people over the age of 50 who are looking for a leisure partner or who are looking for a great love. Although the latter point is not in focus, it cannot be ruled out that a permanent partner can also be found here. There is always a lot going on within the chat at; In addition, there are different regional groups in which current information on the selected regions is exchanged. The complete service “” is available free of charge.

Approx. 180,000 members in Germany

Other free dating sites in comparison (sorted alphabetically)

ChatCity // The chat to meet friends and chat

Website: // for a short test

Forum for seniors // The lifestyle portal 50plus

Website: // to the short test

koelnerSingles // This is where Cologne meets

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stuttgarterSingles // This is where Stuttgart meets

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YouNow // Live Stream Video Chat

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More information about free dating sites

In this comparison, we have only listed the German dating sites where registration, writing messages and the use of other relevant functions are free. In addition, if the free dating site uses a coin system, it must be possible to acquire sufficient amounts of this virtual means of payment free of charge. If these factors cannot be met, we will not include the dating portal within this category.

Exactly for this reason you will not get to see a free dating site often during the commercial breaks on TV. The free dating portal must convince with other factors and get as many members as possible to use word of mouth. With a few providers this works quite well, other (more new) free dating sites have to hold out, prove perseverance and fight hard (for their own survival).

A small catch: Even if these dating sites are free to use, it can happen from time to time that you run out of credits, for example because you are writing to too many men or women. This is exactly what every single exchange operator relies on, because this is the only way they can sell the coveted coins or credits to the user for a fee at low prices.

As described, more and more singles are opting for a dating site that offers at least the basic functionality for free. Nevertheless, not all partner seekers find love happiness in such a dating site. Sometimes too few potential partners are registered or one struggles too much with fakes. As part of our comparison of different flirting offers, we therefore want to present the alternatives that are worthwhile from our point of view.

Test winner singles exchanges: FriendScout24

Test winner dating agencies: PARSHIP

Test winner sex contact provider: C-date

If you know of a free dating site that is not listed here, please send us a note: (hidden)

Nevertheless, providers with premium content are of course also the target of many unwanted fake registrations. Here, however, these fakes just have a little harder time to get in touch with the other members.

This first step is followed by filling out your own dating profile. Here you enter your physical characteristics (height, hair color, eye color, etc.

Any different kind of dating site for sex

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A new different kind of dating site for sex

> Online dating> About sex bots and fake profiles

09/23/2015 | Reading time: 474 seconds

Sex bots and fake profiles on dating portals – we get to the bottom of it. © Dmytro Tolokonov –

A lot is reported about sex bots and fake profiles on dating portals such as Ashley Madison or Lovoo, and users also complain to us. Time to uncover what’s really going on!

As part of the data theft at Ashley Madison, a casual dating portal with over 30 million members, it was revealed that virtually no female profile was real on this portal. Ashley Madison staff created the profiles and chatted with male users to encourage them to buy. Internal documents showed that 80% of all sales were initiated by automatically generated profiles (also called angels). The German dating app Lovoo is also suspected of having misled users with automatically generated bots

Many aboalarm customers also complain to us that dating portals systematically falsify profiles of women en masse in order to encourage users to buy. A user of the Only-Dates portal, operated by Ideo Labs GmbH, writes to our customer support that, from his point of view, there seem to be many fake profiles. He came to this point of view in particular because, from his point of view, many of the messages appear to be false. He also had the impression that you only get messages when you are online. He found all of this very suspicious.

We investigated these complaints, did research, spoke to experts and questioned over 1,000 dating portal subscribers about sex bots and fake profiles. But first let’s take a look at the different types of fake profiles.

Which online dating membership would you like to cancel?

In particular, this category includes spammers promoting a competitor’s website. As a rule, spammers posing as women promise users more images and closer contact.

Scammers, on the other hand, try to harm users directly by demanding money transfers (e.g. blackmailing with photo material) from them. Lovoo says it blocks up to 3,000 spammers and scammer accounts every day with the help of extensive analysis tools.

Finally, an industry insider described a type of fake profile that he jokingly called the Swabian tranny. These are men who sign up as women to avoid the high subscription fees that apply to men. Women can usually register for free on portals in order to keep the imbalance between the number of male and female users as low as possible.

Almost all dating portals follow the so-called freemium business model: users can register for free (free), but have to pay if they want to use certain value-added functions (premium). The paid functions usually include the ability to answer messages from other users. And it is precisely this buying impulse that should be triggered by fake profiles.

Algorithms or employees of some portal drivers, such as Ashley Madison, create fake profiles with photos and profile data of attractive women, write to male members as decoys and express interest in the person in these lure messages. In order to be able to answer this promising lure message, the recipients must take out a premium membership that is subject to a fee.

What sounds like fraud to the legal layman is disclosed by many providers in their own terms and conditions. aboalarm has examined the terms and conditions of 56 casual dating and single portals. More than 50% of all portals have the following or similar formulations in their terms and conditions:

“THE PROVIDER employs professional animators and operators for the animation and entertainment of the users, who are not specially marked in the system. No real meetings are possible with these. The users can only send them messages within the portal or contact them via SMS or telephone. Messages via the electronic mailbox are only possible as part of the paid service. “(Source: Flirtfair AGB)

On the question of whether these clauses are effective, we asked the specialist lawyer for IT law Holger Loos. He has strong doubts about the legal admissibility: “With a dating portal, the average consumer can expect from my point of view that the people he sees on the thumbnails are actually available for a date – of whatever kind – and that the people with whom he communicates are also real people who are available for a date.

Any different kind associated with dating site for sex

Casual dates are sex that are not carried out in the rigid structure of a monogamous relationship, but instead take place free of emotions and compulsions between occasional sexual partners. Fewer and fewer singles use traditional dating agencies and most opt ​​for a casual date. That is why we took a very detailed look around the casual dating market and gathered experiences that we would like to share at this point. In the following table we present the TOP 6 portals in more detail.

High chances of success

Broad age structure

Free for women

High membership level

Ideal for erotic dates

Contact guarantee

Ideal for erotic dates

Professional side

Suitable for singles, couples and swingers

Big community

Erotic events

Hardly any fake profiles through authenticity check

No membership subscriptions

Women flirt completely for free

For dating and erotic adventures

Anti-fake guarantee

Effective partner matching

Contact guarantee and referral guarantee

Top casual dating portal

Short terms

Ideal for non-binding sex meetings

Including fake protection

Suitable for singles, couples and swingers

Large adult community

Free for women

Fair prices for men

High quality of the member profiles

Protection of anonymity and discretion

Good features for making contact

Authenticity check

High proportion of women

Ideal for erotic dates

Fair pricing policy without subscription

Masks to anonymize the profile pictures

Free test of the site upon registration

Well-fitting mediation proposals

In the past, young women and men tended towards the model of (provident) marriage, the unmarried remained the exception. Today it’s completely different, getting married later than before – if at all. What happens in the meantime can be quite adventurous, but most of all it’s a decision today that everyone can and should make for themselves. While some singles prefer to stay at home, others use this free time in life to let off steam. They enjoy casual dating, where they can have sex without necessarily having to commit. Dates are possible, cuddling too, if both want that, but they save the stress of relationship, because they are not officially together and can have as many other partners as they want. Several dating portals on the Internet have developed around this new form of togetherness, which make the search for a casual date easier and more beautiful.

Ranking of the casual dating portals

1st place – VERY GOOD (9.6 / 10): C-Date

2nd place – VERY GOOD (9.5 / 10): JoyClub

3rd place – GOOD (9.0 / 10): Lovepoint

A date used to have a clear purpose. A couple wanted to see whether it would go together, then get married at some point, have children, build a house … we still know dates like this today. But they are no longer everything that could interest two people who get to know each other better by candlelight and wine. The modern single might not be dissatisfied as such.

At some point he wants to get to know someone again, but not immediately – and he doesn’t want to be completely alone during this time either. So what speaks in the age of safer contraceptives against only enjoying the good things of a relationship and avoiding the stress?

Two people get to know each other, but not with the intention of having a relationship. They have sex whenever and as often as both of them want to, they may also meet in their free time, when both of them feel like eating or going to the cinema. Some casual dates develop into a kind of friendship with certain advantages, while others remain one-off encounters. However, one thing is always clear: nobody is looking for relationships here, but everything else is open.

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to commit. Nobody needs a supplier anymore, we are all able to cope on our own. Many singles enjoy this time a lot and don’t want to end it, at least not at the moment.

In order to satisfy the human need for closeness, tenderness and of course sex, casual dates are just the thing. What’s more, it’s even safer than just looking for a one-night stand at a party because it’s anonymous and could turn into a disappointment, if not a health risk.

On a casual date, both are prepared for what is going to happen, they accept it responsibly and get to know each other beforehand so that it is really nice and nobody is disappointed in the end.

Some sort of different kind regarding dating site for sex

If you want a sex meeting that satisfies your secret lust, then you have come to the right place. We have already introduced you to some sex portals that can convince through quality and above all through depravity. We have also briefly explained to you how easy it can be to get a woman to a sex date. But now we want you to find the right sex portal for your meeting. We will now explain to you how best to proceed here.

Free registration for the special meeting: So that you can find the right portal, you should always rely on a free registration. Most of our portals can be used with a free registration. This registration enables you to get a first insight into the portal and to make your fuck meeting real.

Pay attention to preferences: In order to find the right sex portal for your sexual preferences, it is very important that you know your own preferences. So what are you into Would you prefer a slightly older caliber or do you like people of the same age? No matter which woman or whore you prefer, you should pay close attention to your preferences when making your selection.

Amateurs in the sex portal: To make a sex meeting real, the amateurs in the sex portals are of course particularly important. Take a close look at them before you sign up. Because this way you have the opportunity to make a first selection. Of course, age also plays an important role in this case. So what is the membership structure?

Communication channels: The communication channels are just as important as the entire portal itself. To organize a sex meeting, of course, perfect communication should be possible. Most sex portals offer sex chat or private sex messages in this case.

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